Appointments & Arrival

Little Green Spa™ is by Appointment Only.  Please plan to arrive at least 5 -10 minutes before your allotted appointment time.  I will try to accommodate you if your running late, but cannot guarantee the full time. It still will be an amazing treatment! So get here on time... xo

Cancellation Policy

​​​***Cancellation Policy***

As a courtesy please let me know 24 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment. 

A $50 cancellation fee will be required for Advanced and Holistic Skin Care treatments.  If you fail to cancel your appointment within this time frame you will loose your deposit and have to pay another deposit to re-book.  The deposit fee will be applied to your service.  Rescheduling will require an additional deposit after 24 hours.

*CASH or VENMO IS PREFERRED* (Sorry credit card interest rate is killing me!)...


By booking your session with Little Green Spa and clicking the booking tab you acknowledge that you have read this policy.

Thank you for understanding!

This is YOUR Time

No children or pets at your session, this is your time to relax.  I encourage you to make child care arrangements while you are enjoying this time.  We require a parental release form to be signed for guests under 18.

Please turn OFF or put your cell phone on mute! This is distracting to me when giving a facial and doesn't allow you to fully relax and enjoy your treatment. This is your time to relax and enjoy some self-love!

At anytime you are uncomfortable, please let me know. Whether it's pressure, music, climate, lighting or anything else feel free to let me know, so I can adjust it to exactly what you want. Again, this is your time, I want to make it perfect!

PS - I am not a mind reader, so let me know. lol

Love Donation

I am a licensed Therapists that provide you well-being treatments at Little Green Spa™ and I am damn good at what I do...  I take special care to ensure that your treatment is of the best quality.  It's my passion to provide you the best possible experience from the moment you walk through my doors. So, I invite you to recognize my exceptional skill by including a love donation with your payment. Smooches and good karma to you!

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